The “Our Care Counts” bill (AB 1672)—a huge expansion of collective power for IHSS providers

February 27, 2023

On February 17, 2023, California Assemblymember Matt Haney of San Francisco introduced the “Our Care Counts” bill (AB 1672)—with Principal Co-Authors Assemblymembers Miguel Santiago and Wendy Carillo of Los Angeles.

This bill would lead to our ability to strengthen the IHSS system so that California can protect the right and freedom for Californians to receive care in the setting of one’s choice.

With AB 1672, IHSS providers across the state would be able to stand together in all our collective power to bargain with the state instead of in our current fragmented system of county-by-county negotiations…some of which can take years.

This would be a huge expansion of collective power for care providers in California. “Our Care Counts” legislation is designed to keep the promise of living and aging at home for a rapidly growing IHSS consumer population. Together with our sister union, UDW, we’ll work to ensure passage of this important bill—a huge win for both caregivers and consumers. Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved in this effort.

With a unified voice at the state level, caregivers can advocate for the people they care for and demand the respect they deserve, no matter where they live in the state. Only when caregivers are empowered statewide can California build a system to meet the exploding need.

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