Tehama IHSS providers and allies speak out for wage increases

January 10, 2024
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As negotiations between Tehama County IHSS providers and the Board of Supervisors continue, caregivers are standing strong in their solidarity and calling upon the County to address the urgent care crisis and grant IHSS providers a wage increase.

On December 19, dozens of IHSS providers, community allies, and other long-term caregivers showed up at the Tehama Board of Supervisors’ meeting to deliver compelling personal testimony in another attempt to secure a union contract for IHSS providers.

The powerful public comments attracted the attention of reporters at KRCR, who covered the action and amplified the voices of these caregivers.

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Among the voices lifted up were member leaders Jerrika Salyers and Madalynn Clark, who clearly paint the picture of the reality facing countless IHSS providers across Tehama County.

“I work four hours for my mother in Redding, and I make $68.40 in those four hours,” said Tehama IHSS provider, Jerrika Salyers. “But $65.50 of that goes into my gas tank just to be able to make that trip to and from Redding.”

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“I’m referring our providers to food banks because, even with food stamps, they cannot keep groceries in the house each month,” said Madalynn Clark, Shasta IHSS provider and SEIU 2015 member leader. “It’s incredibly sad that a full time employee of IHSS can qualify for food stamps in the first place.”

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Then Jackie Morganfield, Region 6 Vice President, bridged the fight in Tehama County with the broader movement across California to raise standards of IHSS providers and their consumers.

“We’ve been sounding the alarm of the looming care crisis,” said Regional Vice President, Jackie Morganfield. “We’ve been speaking up to make sure California’s community of caregivers and recipients are not left behind, as we historically have been.”

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As the need for IHSS providers in Tehama County continues to grow, Tehama’s caregivers are urging all IHSS providers, recipients, and Tehama County labor and disability justice allies to join our fight for wage increases for IHSS workers.

Will you join the chorus of voices calling upon Tehama County Supervisors to increase wages for IHSS providers?

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