Kim Evon

Vice President of SEIU Local 2015

Kim’s experience in the labor movement began as a unit secretary at a hospital in Rhode Island where she and 1,800 colleagues organized to have a voice on the job. It was from that experience that she learned the importance of unifying with others to change workplaces and peoples’ lives. With every position she’s held since, Kim’s goal has always been to identify ways that our union can work best to empower members as leaders.

As Executive Vice President, Kim strives to unite members with Brothers and Sisters across different sectors to make positive changes for themselves, their workplace, and their communities. She believes in the importance of creating a culture where all long term care workers earn a livable wage, are able to access retirement and have a seat at the table in discussions regarding the future of long term care services.

Before serving in her current position as Executive Vice President at SEIU Local 2015, Kim held a variety of roles in SEIU, including Internal and External Organizer for an SEIU local in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Education Coordinator for SEIU International and Deputy Director of the Public Division for SEIU International. She also worked on a project that eventually evolved into SEIU’s Leaders in Action for Justice Committee, which focuses on developing leaders in our organization. As part of her work for the national union, she moved on to become the SEIU Area Director for California, and eventually took on the role of Chief of Staff at ULTCW. In 2013, she was elected as Secretary Treasurer of SEIU ULTCW.

When she’s not meeting with members or stakeholders, Kim enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with her German Shepherd at her home in Burbank, CA.

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