Los Angeles County IHSS Personal Assistance Services Council (PASC) Tentative Agreement Summary

January 24, 2023

Everything in the current Agreement remains the same except as listed below:


  • On January 1, 2023 total Provider pay will increase by $.50 from $16.00 to $16.50 per hour as a supplement that stays $1 above minimum wage.
  • Early 2023 the wage supplement will increase by $.75 and then again on January 1, 2024 by $.25. 
  • Every time the State minimum wage increases, Provider pay will increase to stay $2.00 over minimum wage.

Here’s how it works:

CurrentJan 1, 2023Early 2023Jan 1, 2024Dec 31, 2024**
Current Wage$16.00Contract Expires
Wage Supplement$0.75$0.25
State Minimum Wage$15.00$15.50$15.50$16.00*
Amount above Minimum Wage$1.00$1.75$2.00
New Hourly Wage$16.50$17.25$18.00*

*We will not be certain of any additional increase in the California minimum wage until July, 2023. Beginning January 1, 2024, we will be $2.00 above the California minimum wage.

Health Benefits:

  • We protected our Health Benefits and we will meet in 2023 to improve the Healthcare Plan.

Essential Protective Gear:

  • The PASC will purchase protective supplies (gloves, hand sanitizer, mask, and disposable gowns) up to a total cost of $325,000 for the term of the contract.  At the time of purchase these supplies will be forwarded to the Union for distribution.

Back Up Providers:

  • Providers in the PASC Back Up Attendant Program (BUAP) will be paid a premium of $3 per hour above the regular rate of pay.

Paid Time for Representation and Assistance:

The PASC will provide up to 120 hours of total paid time each month for Providers, designated as stewards, who assist other Providers in learning about the program, grievances and their rights as Providers.

Working Together:

  • The parties agreed to enhance our collaborative work through Labor Management Committee meetings and commit to joint efforts to eliminate discrimination and harassment within the IHSS program.
  • PASC will provide support for New Provider Orientations discussion with the County.

Timely and Accurate Payroll:

  • The parties agreed to meet with the County to develop a process for the County to ensure providers who provide services and whose consumer is unable or unwilling to complete Provider’s Timesheet are compensated for time worked.


  • PASC will distribute information about Cal Savers retirement Program.

Term of Agreement:

  • The Agreement expires on December 31, 2024. 

NOTE: Even after the contract expires, wages will continue go up to stay $2.00 above minimum wage.