WellCard Health Savings Card

Show the pharmacy your WellCard, and they’ll show you the savings on your prescription drugs. WellCard Health gives you and you family access to pre-negotiated discounts on prescription drugs and a wide range of health care services. The WellCard Health card is available to members today at no cost.

WellCard Health helps members save on prescription drugs and a wide range of health services, including:

  •  Prescription Drugs, save up to 50%
  • Diabetic Care Services, Vitamins, and Daily Living Products, save up to 50%
  •  Medical Bill Help, save up to 30%
  •  WellCard Rewards including cash back when shopping online with hundreds of merchants

There are currently over 410,000 Physicians and 45,000 Ancillary Provider Locations. Over 59,000 Nationwide Pharmacies accept WellCard Health with availability for mail order and specialty pharmacy.

For more information on the WellCard Health card, please visit WellCardHealth.com, Group ID: SEIU2015, or call 800-562-9625.