Kim Evon proudly serves as an Executive Vice President of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 2015 – California’s Long Term Care Local representing over 400,000 home care and skilled nursing facility workers throughout California.

Kim’s imprint in the labor movement started in healthcare when she helped lead one of the largest hospital union organizing campaigns in the mid-90’s that resulted in giving a collective voice to 1,800 colleagues.  It was from that experience that she learned the importance of unifying with others to achieve change in the workplace that benefits both workers and those to whom they provide care.

Carrying that experience into her current position, Kim has worked alongside long term care providers and stakeholders over the last ten years to witness incredible victories that benefit both the caregiver and recipient.  Such victories include: the passage of safe staffing ratios for skilled nursing facilities that will increase the number of care hours provided to patients by Certified Nursing Assistants; the restoration of vital In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) hours of care that had been cut in previous state budgets and worker contracts that secure training funds to advance worker skill sets to handle the growing needs of those in their care and standards that  improve  wages and benefits needed to retain and attract the long term caregivers necessary to meet growing demand.

In addition to her work as an Executive Vice President of SEIU Local 2015, she was elected by SEIU delegates to the national convention to serve as an SEIU International Executive Board Member. Kim furthers her dedication to long term caregivers by serving for the last ten years as a Board Member of the California Long-Term Care Education Center – a national leader in developing and providing training for long term care workers that has demonstrated outcomes on increasing the delivery of quality care and cost savings.  

Kim is passionate about empowering long term care providers to contribute their compassion, talents and leadership to be agents of change in their own lives, their workplace, those to whom they provide care, and their communities. She believes in the importance of demonstrating the critical value that long term care workers play in our broader communities by creating standards in which all long term care workers earn a livable wage, have quality, affordable health insurance, are able to access  retirement, and have a seat at the table in discussions regarding the future of long term care services. 

When she’s not meeting with members or stakeholders, Kim enjoys playing tennis, reading and spending time with her family and German shepherd at her home in Burbank, CA.